Millennials : A Sad Generation with a Happy Face

Does the above title ring a bell in your mind? Or does it seem like a vague phrase with little to no meaning? But if you come to think of it, this phrase can be interpreted in detail. Especially by the Millenials, they`re those people who were born between 1990 to 1999. And I myself belong to this generation.
Take a look at this article, if you actually want to know the meaning lies behind this phrase. And what are some of the causes which led this generation to become who we are now.

How it all startedBack in the 2010s, the smartphone era began to emerge and quickly gained popularity. The Millennials lifestyle also started to change, when people got their hands on this small device. Your daily routine apparently revolved around your phones. Right after you wake up in the morning until you go back to bed, this phone is always with you.
How did this little device make such a huge impact so rapidly? The smartphone has many major features that are replaced by several gadgets people used before the phones took over. So, this single phone replaced Alarm clocks, Watches, Cameras, Landlines, Calculators, and many more. Although it has made lives easier, it also brought dullness at the same time. 
The Social Media Network AddictionApparently, the most influential part of smartphones is that it provides a Social Media platform to its users. Now people literally intend to get this phone solely for social media. The user-interface of applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & many others are so simple and intriguing that this was actually created to attract the users` attention from time to time. Right when the notification bell rings, it fills your brain with anticipation to instantly check it out.
You always get that few seconds of a dopamine rush, the 'feel-good' hormone released from the brain. That`s what happens when you get those likes & comments on your posts. You constantly seek other people's approval by fishing for likes, comments & shares. Having the urge to keep your friends on what you`re wearing, where you`ve been, what you`re eating & so on. There isn't much privacy left in a person`s life if so much of it is often being shared online.
Fabricating the 'Perfect Life' on Social MediaHopefully, you might have also noticed this pattern in everyone's social media profile. Where all you see is this problem-free life, that just has pictures of a happy, colorful and adventurous lifestyle. People post about their luxurious vacation, latest achievements, new relationship status, and whatnot. But that's not the end of the story.
Social media projects happiness and internalizes depression. While feeling trapped by the choices that they themselves made. It's surprising that people have emerged to be so much pretentious. That you envy the persona that a person wears to hide the true nature of their life. Yet nobody really has a perfect life, people always have some problems in their lives. They just don't want you to witness what they're going through in reality.
So, all you get to see is a highlight reel of a person's life. Where you only see things that they want you to see. The Millennials are a more common generation creating that 'perfect' facade of their lives. This is why the phrase 'A Sad Generation with a Happy Face' applies to them.